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Saw lint cleaner


Brief introduction of function:carding the lint and do further clean of the leaves, twist fiber etc , normally it can improve the grade of the lint 0.5

Technical characteristics:Technical features: this series of products are our patented product (patent no. : 01261777.6, 01261779.2, 01261777.6) which is with more than 20 years of cotton machine design experience to satisfy the demand of new cotton national standards and the requirements of the textile industry, It is an innovative design based on the structure of the first generation cotton cleaning machine. It will make you invincible in complex market competition.


Design more reasonable working parameters based on the theory of carding cotton, ensures the length of the carding process, in order to reduce the fiber damage and effectively control the rate of short carding.

It has the following characteristics:

Design impurity volume adjusting device.The user can make simple and convenient adjustment according to the market requirement and the impurity content of mixed quantity of seed cotton, and make sure the cleaning quality, meanwhile reduce the fiber water quantity.

Due to more reasonable working parameters and patent technical support, this system can adapt to high-water content cotton cleaning, reduce the probability of cotton stuffing car and improve work reliability.

Floating stripping gap,  not only improves the quality of stripping but also reduces the extrusion pressure on the surface of the dust cage net, so that its life is greatly improved.

Accodingly to the demand of the lint market, users can easily change the combing structure to obtain different combing effect (the same cleaning effect) to adapt to the market.

Realize the the interchangeable brush cotton and air flow brush cotton on the same machine to satisfy different needs of users.

Inverter controlled feeding cotton motor, which enables users to achieve the best cleaning effect according to the convenient output control.

Reduce the equipment total power , and decreases the energy consumption per unit of production.

Capacity per hour :1200-1400 KG higher quality lint

Spick roller diameter: 400mm

Working length 2000mm

Brush roller diameter: 450mm

Air cylinder diameter: 600mm

Power: 13.2kw

Lint feeding entrance size: 2000*320MM

Main equipment: 11kw main motor,2.2kw upper motor

Lint outlet size: 110*2000MM

Air intake diameter: 500

Outside size: 2670*1296*2197MM

Weight: 3500KG